LOVE ISSUE was a personal photography project first edited in January 2011 as an online photo-magazine, a satellite for the website called where I was publishing inspirational photographic stories. The idea was to bring a compact product of my blog and a magazine of my own (edited and curated), a “from time to time” digest of what I would find interesting on the Internet and worth sharing in a special package. First issue has been published on the 4th anniversary of Oitzarisme and its theme was Couples. You can download all the online editions here

After LOVE ISSUE #6, me and my partner, decided to get involved in a printed magazine and we made a crowdfunding campaign with a pre-sale for LOVE ISSUE #7. We started online with a viral campaign that lasted for a month in which we managed to sell 500 magazines before printing. These 500 pre-sales helped us to print 1000 copies of Love Issue #7. The last issue, #8, was published in 2013 and after that I became a Freelancer :-)

LOVE ISSUE has been published with huge support from the Brain Fitness Association.